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Almanac Trader: Jeff Hirsch

A Wealth of Common Sense: Ben Carlson

Alpha Architect: Wes Gray and Jack Vogel

Behavioral Value Investor: Silver Ring Value Partners

Bone Fide Wealth: Douglas Boneparth

Breaking the Market: Matt Hollerbach

Brian Langis: Eclectic Musings

Chai with Pabrai: Mohnish Pabrai

Clark Street Value

Contrarian Edge: Vitaly Katsenelson 

Crossing Wall Street: Eddy Elfenbein

CS Investing: John Chew

DivHut: Keith Park

Dividend Growth Investor

Intrinsic Investing: Ensemble Capital

Enterprising Investor: CFA Institute

Farnam Street: Shane Parrish

Fat Pitch Financials: George Silva

Flirting with Models: Corey Hoffstein, Newfound Research

Fortune Financial: Lawrence Hamtil

Frank K. Martin

Glenn Chan's Random Notes on Investing

Howard Lindzon: Investing for Profit & Joy

Invest Like the Best: Patrick O'Shaughnessy

Investor Amnesia: Jamie Catherwood

Lone Stock Trader: Fred Saffore

Lyn Alden: Investment Strategy

Macro Ops

Marc to Market: Marc Chandler

Mark Minervini: Official Blog

Market Folly: Tracking top hedge funds since 2008

Meb Faber: Cambria Investment Management

Micro Cap Club: Ian Cassel

Minerva Review

Morgan Housel: Collaborative Fund

Musings on Markets: Aswath Damodaran

No Name Stocks: Dan Schum

Novel Investor

Oblivious Investor: Mike Piper

Of Dollars and Data: Nick Maggiulli

Old School Value

Pragmatic Capitalism: Cullen Roche

Ramp Capital

Seeking Alpha

Sure Dividend

The Acquirer's Multiple: Johnny Hopkins and Tobias Carlisle

The Aleph Blog: David Merkel

The Big Picture: Barry Ritholtz

The Brooklyn Investor

The Dividend Guy Blog

The Irrelevant Investor: Michael Batnick
The Reformed Broker: Josh Brown

Value and Opportunity

Value Stock Geek

Van Tharp Institute

Vintage Value Investing: Dillon Jacobs

What Works on Wall Street: James O'Shaughnessy

Yet Another Value Blog